Bon Appetite!

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Welcome to Bon_Appetite, a Live Journal cooking and recipe exchange community!

Please follow our rules for formatting your posts:

If you're going to post a recipe:
- Only one recipe per post, please.
- If you have several recipes you'd like to share all at once, it's OK to post more than one post in a row. :)
- If you got the recipe out of a cookbook, go ahead and tell us which one.
- It's ok to post pictures of the food. Large pictures (and/or more than one picture) and long posts / recipes should be placed behind a lj-cut.
- Please format your subject line something like this: Quick and Healthy Vegetarian Enchiladas
(it makes it easier to archive in the memories).
- To view past posts, just click on "Memories".

- Posts that aren't recipes are also allowed. However, they must be food/cooking related. Just put OT: in your subject line.
For example: OT: Pasta Machines-- are they worth the trouble?

- There will be no off-topic advertisments, auctions, or community promoting. There are communites specifically for these purposes. If you are unsure about posting something, please email the moderator and ask.

- Show respect and tolerance for all members. Inappropriate behavior is not welcome here.

- While the majority of people who post to this community come from North America, we'll probably have users from all over the world, some of whom use different measuring systems than cups and tablespoons. That's OK-- post anyway! Here's a terrific conversion table for everyone's use.

- Don't be afraid to ask questions! If the recipe was unclear about something, be sure to use the comments section of the post to ask the author about it.

That's it for now! Have fun, and bon appetite!